Dana Mitchell
Dana profile
JP name Unknown
JP nickname
Dub name Dana Mitchell
Dub nickname
Gender Female Icon
Position DFicon (Defender)
Number 5
Element Fire Icon
Team Pink Rangers
Seiyuu Alison MacInnis
Game Power Rangers United
Anime Episode 001
Dana Mitchell is one of the main protagonists in Power Rangers United. She is the Pink Lightspeed Ranger, as well a paramedic. She is a defender of Pink Rangers. 


She wore a pink t-shirt that representative her ranger color. She wore a Lightspeed Morpher on her left wrist. She also she wore pink blouse with grey skirt with the Lightspeed Rescue jacket with the number 5 on the white patch. At the beach, she wore a flowered pink and red bikini. 


She is kind and nice like her sister. She is hardworking doctor and smart sister in the team. She also caring for her team and her love.


She was born in Mariner Bay, California to Captain Mitchell and Reina Mitchell. She has a younger sister and and an older brother in Mariner Bay. Her mother died when she was very little and she was taking care by her father. 


She first appear in Episode 001 with her team where she watched Team Heroes (GO) play an unknown team. 


Power Rangers UnitedEdit

  • [SH] Fire Tornado


Power Rangers UnitedEdit


  • Jane Mitchell (Younger twin sister)
  • Ryan Mitchell (Older brother)
  • Captain Mitchell (Father)
  • Reina Mitchell (Mother, deceased)
  • Jasmine Mitchell (Aunt)
  • Henry Grayson (Husband)
  • Carter Grayson (Brother-in-law)
  • Richard Grayson (Father-in-law)
  • Carolina Grayson (Mother-in-law)


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