Henry Grayson
JP name Unknown
JP nickname
Dub name Henry Grayson
Aura Mask (Disguise)
Dub nickname
Gender Male Icon
Position MFicon (Midfielder)
Number 14
Element Icon Wind
Team Red Rangers
Team Heroes
Earth Eleven (anime only)
Seiyuu Henry Chen
Game Unknown
Anime Episode 001
Henry Grayson is one of the main protagonist of Power Rangers United. He is the Crimson Lightspeed Ranger. He is a midfielder for Red Rangers.


He wore dark red shirt with blue pants. He wore a Lightspeed Rescue jacket with number 6 on the white patch. In Red Rangers, he wore red soccer uniform with the number 14 on the back on the shirt. At the beach, he wore a dark red swimming trunk.


He is nice and cute to the girls (Dana the most). He also protect his team and his friends from any evil that come their way.


Henry is the younger twin brother of Carter Grayson. He is the third best firefighter in Mariner Bay and New York City along with his brother and Ryan.


He first appear in Episode 001 as Aura Mask where he watch Team Heroes (GO) play against an unknown team in the staduim. 


Power Rangers UnitedEdit

  • [OF] Illusion Ball


Power Rangers UnitedEdit

  • [KH] Konton no Ou Astroth (Young form)
  • [KH] Ankoku Shin Dark Exodus (Adult form)


Power Rangers UnitedEdit

  • [SOUL] Horse


  • Richard Grayson (Father, deceased)
  • Carolina Grayson (Mother)
  • Xavier Grayson (Uncle)
  • Carter Grayson (Older twin brother)
  • Dana Mitchell (Wife)
  • Jane Mitchell (Sister-in-law)
  • Ryan Mitchell (Brother-in-law)
  • Matt Mitchell (Brother-in-law)
  • Captain Mitchell (Father-in-law)
  • Reina Mitchell (Mother-in-law, deceased)


  • He, Patrick and Jane are the first people to have Soul on them. 

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