Jane Grayson
JP name Unknown
JP nickname
Dub name Jane Grayson
Dub nickname
Gender Female Icon
Position FWicon (Forward)
Number 10
Element Fire Icon
Team Team Heroes
Seiyuu Jane Chen
Game Power Rangers United
Anime Episode 002
Manga Chapter 2
Jane Grayson is the Alternate verison of Jane Mitchell. She is a forward for Team Heroes (Prime). She is the daughter of Carter and Dana Grayson.


She is the daughter of Carter Grayson and Dana Grayson. She lives in the Prime Reality with her family. However she disappears and end up in the Universe Sigma. 


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Power Rangers UnitedEdit

  • [SH] Thousand Arrow
  • [SH] Bakunetsu Screw
  • [OF] Shippuu Dash
  • [SH] Great Blaster
  • [SH] Death Drop (Mixi Max form)
  • [SH] Death Sword (Mixi Max form)


Power Rangers UnitedEdit

  • [KH] Ma Senshi Pendragon

Keshin ArmedEdit

Power Rangers UnitedEdit

  • [KHA] Ma Senshi Pendragon

Mixi MaxEdit

Power Rangers UnitedEdit


  • Carter Grayson (Father)
  • Sydney Grayson (sister)
  • Dana Grayson (Mother)
  • Reina Mitchell (Grandmother)


  • She is the ace striker in Team Heroes.
  • She keep her mother's element, Fire. 

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